Webuzo Managed VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is where a dedicated server is partitioned into smaller virtual servers in order to emulate and virtualize a real server. Each VPS runs its own software, processes and even its own kernel and operating system. Users get full root (superuser) access and are able to install and run most software with no restrictions at the OS level. Its like having your own dedicated server but without the expense. Traditionally some sysadmin experience is required to fully managed a VPS, but we install Webuzo control panel which greatly simplifies this task and makes complex software installation a breeze.

SSD Disc Space25GB50GB100GB
vCores1 x 86 64 bit2 x 86 64 bit4x86 64 bit
PanelWebuzo ProWebuzo ProWebuzo Pro
24/7 SupportYesYesYes
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Multiple OS Options

Cloud Infrastructure

Solid-State Drives

Choose from linux operating such as Centos VPS, Ubuntu VPS, Debian VPS operating systems.Our Cloud VPS infrastructure built on premium hardware for performance.SSD hard drives thatare 20x faster than SATA VPS server.

Free VPS Management

SSH and Root Access

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

A dedicated panel to observe & monitor real-time server usage.We give you full-control over VPS root ssh access on Linux hosting plans.A dedicated panel to observe & monitor real-time server usage.

European Data centres

Free VPS Migration

Host Multiple Sites

Data centres located in the UK and EU to provide highest security & performance.Trained trained team, who migrate your site without losing dataWe allow our users to host multiple websites on one hosting account.

Instant Provisioning

No Setup Fee

Robust Infrastructure

Once Order & Payment verified, the account will be activated instantly.There is no hidden or extra charges included in all VPS plans.You can rely on our cutting-edge servers for stability, and uptime.

Still confused? VPS FAQ’s

What do you mean by Managed VPS?On an unmanaged VPS you do not get a control panel or support like you do on a shared server. So, for those who are not familiar with command line interface or server setup, managed VPS is the way to go. You will get a control panel to manage website . We are also responsible for security updates and patching
Why Should I choose a VPS?VPS is for a person who wants a powerful server but cannot pay for dedicated solutions. If you have hosted your website on a shared server and it is struggling a lot because of high traffic or heavy setup, then VPS is the next step you should take.
What if I want higher RAM or storage in the future?You can upgrade or downgrade in the future with no loss of data and minimal downtime. VPS's are highly flexible
Can I resell on this Webuzo VPS Managed Plan?You could, but bear in mind Webuzo is not a shared hosting control panel like Cpanel. You would not be able to give your customers their own Webuzo access. We hope to offer Cpanel VPS shortly
Can I have root/shell access?Of course. KVM technology gives you your own filesystem, file storage and OS kernel, so isolation and security is almost as good as your own dedicated server. Don't confuse with cheaper plans offering OS virtualisation such as OpenVZ (shared kernel with host)
What is the difference between shared hosting and a VPS?On shared servers, customers get shared resources. This means RAM and processor power available to you will highly depend on how much resources other websites on the same server are using. On the other hand, in case of a VPS, you get reserved resources which only you can use.