Nominet (UK) Domains

Nominet are the monopoly that operate the UK Domain namespace. Nominet is the “not for profit” organisation responsible for most domains ending in .uk. Though there are a number of other second level domains over which it does not have control. Nominet replaced the original “Naming Committee” when it could no longer cope with demand and is recognised by the UK Government as the UK Top Level Domain Registrar for UK domain names. You are encouraged to register a domain name through a Nominet registrar (ISP or registration agent) who will act as your agent and submit a domain name application to Nominet – or another international registry – on your behalf.

Registering Directly with Nominet

It is possible to register a domain name directly with Nominet. However this requires specialist technical knowledge and equipment. You must also provide the IP addresses of two name servers that are permanently connected to the Internet. It is also an expensive process as Nominet charge £94 including VAT for direct registrations.

WHOIS Opt-out

For individuals and non trading persons, registrants can opt out their address particulars from the public WHOIS service. The registrants name however cannot be hidden.

Nominet Domain Disputes (DRS)

Most Nominet registrations are problem free however in about 1 in 16,000 cases someone make a complaint. For many people the Court systems is too difficult and expensive so Nominet operate their Domain Resolution Service, where they act as a nuetral party in order to provide mediation in order to provide a solution to any domain name dispute.

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